Friday, October 2, 2009

Trial exam

SPM Trial exam had finished and the results had also received by us. Here i need to congratulate to Aqilah and Farhana, because they have achieved straight A's in thier trial examination. Other students also achieve vry good results and the further information about our results will be post in the future. If u r interested about the results v got, please stay tune here and i will post it as fast as posible. By the way, i want to say good luck to the SPM candidates this year n raise our efforts in the next 47 days.

SeMaRaK HaRi RaYa

At the first of October, our school had organised a program, called Semarak Hari Raya to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Every class of the school had thier own special party and the independent menu. Well, 5AF students had paid RM10 per person to buy nasi beriani and ribena. So thx for Farhana and her aunt for helping us to prepare the delicious dishes. Others members of 5AF had contributed thier DIY food such as cookies, cakes, and beef rendang which prepared by our dearest form teacher Cikgu Nor Fadhilatul. She cooked it until 2am in the morning n thx for her vry much. Let us c some interesting pic here.